Here at the Eco Renewables Group we work with homeowners and clients across the North West. From Penrith, all the way to Liverpool, we provide the full solar power solution. This includes solar panels, solar inverter and in some homes, solar batteries. Each of these components work together to power your home from a truly renewable energy source. In fact, solar power is so efficient, it can effectively power streetlights, road-signs and even spacecraft. But how do solar panels work? Well, as the experts, let us explain.


Photons are particles of light and they are essential to the way that a solar panel works. In simple terms, the photons hit the solar panel, and free up electrons from the atoms they collide with. Free moving electrons as you know, are the essence of all electricity.

Photovoltaic Cells

As this is how solar power works, solar panels themselves are actually made up of tiny photovoltaic cells. These are essentially just two slithers of a semi conducting material, usually silicon, with a space in-between.
However, to get the photovoltaic cells to work, there needs to be an electric field. This is created by giving each piece of silicon a positive or negative charge, by coating each piece with a certain material. Often phosphorous is added to the top layer, providing additional electrons and a negative charge, while Boron is added to the bottom layer, resulting in fewer electrons and a positive charge.  This creates the important electrical field in the space between the two pieces.
Now when the photon hits the top layer of the photvoltaic cells, one of the additional electrons will pushed free of the top layer of coated silicon and end up in the electrical field. These are then pushed along, to the metal conductive plates on the sides of each cell. From there they are conducted through the wires, where they are free to flow to your inverter, and power your home.
For more information about solar power and how it can power your home, get in touch with the expert today, here at the Eco Renewables Group.