Benefits of domestic solar power

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Benefits of domestic solar power

Benefits of domestic solar power

Solar power is growing in popularity across the country. From Scotland to Cornwall, homeowners are taking advantage of one of the largest renewable energy sources that can be used on a small scale. Solar power is changing the face of electricity use and is one of the biggest advocates for the renewable sector. Here at the Eco Renewables Group, we are Preston’s leading solar power experts. We work across the region from Penrith to Liverpool to provide top quality solar power solutions. But what are the benefits of domestic solar power?

You can save money

First of all, a huge advantage of solar power is that you can save money on your energy bills. Solar panels will produce electricity throughout daylight hours, and this can be used as well as electricity from the national grid. As a result, you will pay out less for your electricity bills, as you wont need to use as much from your energy supplier. The amount of energy your solar power system will produce is determined by the size of the panels you have installed. This means that a larger system will help you save more money, although it will cost more to install.

You can make money

In addition, if saving money isn’t all that interesting, how about earning some extra cash back? This is another of the benefits of domestic solar power. Essentially, you can be paid for all the electricity you produce, even the electricity you use yourself. This is all part of the Government’s Feed-in Tariff. You can also sell excess electricity back to the government through the Export Tariff.

Low maintenance

Unlike other forms of renewable energy, solar panels are incredibly low maintenance. This is because they have no moving parts that can be broken or fail. As a result, all they need is a simple clean twice a year to keep performing at their peak performance. And all of our solar panels come with a 20 year + guarantee!

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