Solar Panel Efficiency

Increased efficiency in the system will result in a higher electricity output.

Before you install solar panels, choosing the most efficient option is important, as long as it is affordable. This is because you want the majority of the heat and energy produced to be converted into electricity to power your home. A more efficient system will produce more electricity. Here at ERG, we only supply products from leading companies and the manufacturers we trust. We just think that this gives you a much better deal.


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Efficiency or return on investment?

When it comes to buying and installing solar panels, although efficiency is important, sometimes you also need to consider the return on your investment.

While panels with a higher than average efficiency will be better at producing electricity, this probably wont cover the gap in price. Higher efficiency panels tend to be much, much more expensive.

As a result, you need to balance your efficiency needs with the overall price, so that you can get a good deal. Here at ERG, we can help you make the right decision.

Factors that influence the efficiency of the solar panels

Even if your purchase the most expensive and most efficient solar panels, it is important to note that external factors can influence the efficiency of your solar panels. These factors include:

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