Here at the Eco Renewables Group, we are solar power experts. From Liverpool to Lancaster, we work across the North West to provide top quality, professional solar power solutions. But what should homeowners know about solar power installation? And how can our expert team help, here at the Eco Renewables Group?

Solar power

Solar power installations are on the rise. An increasing number of UK homeowners and businesses are installing rooftop solar panels to their properties. The reason for the increase is two-fold:

One, people are becoming a lot more conscious of the environment and energy efficiency. From carrier bags to standby modes, many of us are doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint.

Secondly, solar power is a great way to save money on energy bills, and even make money by selling electricity back to the national grid.

As a result, solar panels are becoming a much more common sight on rooftops around the country, which is also great advertising for renewable energy!

Solar power installations

Installing solar panels is a straightforward and quick process, especially when working with professionals like us here at the Eco Renewables Group. In fact, most of our domestic solar power installations only take a day to complete, so there is no long, drawn out construction process. This has also made solar power more desirable.

Installing a solar power system isn’t just about the solar panels though. We will also install a solar inverter. This is essential for your solar panels to convert the electricity from the solar panels into usable electricity for your home. The inverter is also essential to the Feed in Tariff, and if you want to be paid for the electricity you produce, you will need a Grid tie inverter.

In addition, some solar power systems may also require a solar battery. This is perfect for homes that are not active during the day, while the energy is being produced, but are instead active in the evening. This way the electricity produced by the solar panels can be stored ready to be used at night.

For more information or advice, get in touch with the professionals today, here at the Eco Renewables Group.