Energy efficient solar power systems for homeowners across Morecombe, and nationwide…

From Solar PV panels, to inverters and battery storage, we are your one stop shop for everything solar power related. With everything you might want or need, and the skills and expertise to deliver and install, we are leading the way for solar power solutions in Morecambe and the surrounding areas.

Our expertise has been built up over the last 9 years  as has our  knowledge of the industry. As a result, professionalism is at the heart of everything we do here at the Eco Renewables Group, and all of our staff are expected to meet our high customer service demands. So, if you’re in Morecambe and want to know more about solar power systems for your home, we’re the experts you can rely on.

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    Providing environmentally friendly energy solutions, that meet the individual homeowners needs and situation is important to us here at the Eco Renewables Group. But what sets us apart and has helped us rise above our competitors, is our passionate approach to customer service.

    From our initial consultations to the final installation and aftercare, we are here for you, the customer. We always follow your needs, and your requirements to make sure that you are fully satisfied with your investment. That’s why we have achieved a 100% customer satisfaction rating.  We really do offer the full package.

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    As Morecambe’s leading solar power experts, we work across the country to provide solar powered solutions to homeowners. But don’t worry, we know that although you might live on the golden Morecambe Bay, the sun isn’t always guaranteed. In fact, it can be pretty wet and miserable.

    As a result, our solar panels will work effectively, regardless of the weather. and with a solar battery system in place, you can still rely on the solar power generated to power your home in the dark!

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    Did you know, you can make money from our solar panels? The Government’s Feed in tariff means you can sell all the electricity you dont need back to the national grid!

    On top of everything else, we also have all of the insurance policies in place. This means that you can rest assured, that our work is up to code, and all of our installs are guaranteed.