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Supplying and installing the full range of solar power products, here at the Eco Renewables Group, we are solar power experts. We work across the North West, from Clitheroe to Penrith, to support homeowners looking for solar power solutions. Starting with the solar PV panels themselves, to the solar inverter and battery storage units, we supply and install only the best products. In fact, we only use products from leading, reliable manufacturers, so that we can be sure of providing the highest quality. As a result, over the last nine years, we have become industry leaders across the North West, by working tirelessly to build our reputation. We really are a team you can count on.

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    Our vision in Solar…

    Solar power is the future of energy, and here at the Eco Renewables Group, we think all homeowners should have solar power options. As a result, we aim to provide affordable and high quality solar power solutions to homeowners across the country. The quality of our products, and our customer service, is something that we are incredibly proud of, and we take it very seriously.

    From the first consultation to the very first switch on, we have your requirements at the centre of everything we do. And it’s our dedication to this level of customer service that has set us apart from our competitors, and fueled our success. With our customer satisfaction currently standing at 100%, we are a company you can rely on.

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    As Clitheroe’s leading solar PV providers, we work tirelessly across the country, to provide homeowners with quality solar power solutions that really make a difference. But don’t worry, we know that the weather in Lancashire tends to be raining, cloudy and grey a lot of the time. 

    That’s why our solar power solutions work effectively in most weather conditions, including rain. And with a solar battery system in place, you can still use the solar energy you have generated, even when it’s dark!

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    Did you know, you can make money from our solar panels? The Government’s Feed in tariff means you can sell all the electricity you don’t need back to the national grid!

    On top of everything else, we also have all of the insurance policies in place. This means that you can rest assured, that our work is up to code, and all of our installs are guaranteed.