Pre-installation solar panel tips

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Pre-installation solar panel tips

Pre-installation solar panel tips

From panels to inverters, to solar battery storage, solar power can be a complicated issue. However, it doesn’t have to be. Here at the Eco Renewables Group, we are Preston’s leading solar installation company, and we can equip your home with everything you need to generate clean and renewable energy for your household. But how do you know your home is right for solar panels? And how can you choose the right company? Well, this is our guide to pre-installation solar panel tips.

Pre-installation solar panel tips: Your roof

⦁ make sure you check that your roof can support the weight of the solar panels. This is something we at the Eco Renewables Group do during our technical consultation.
⦁ which direction does your roof face? A north facing roof will not get a lot of sun, when compared to a south or west facing roof, and this can influence how much solar power you are likely to generate
⦁ what is the pitch of your roof? A roof with a pitch of 30 to 45 degrees is optimum for solar panel efficiency

Pre-installation solar panel tips: Hiring the professionals

⦁ shop around various solar companies to get a feel for the prices and the professionalism. While some companies might be cheaper, they might not have the expertise, or the experience to provide the best service. Make sure you choose a company you trust, not just the cheapest option.
⦁ choose a qualified and professional company, so that if any issues do arise, you can contact them immediately to remedy the situation.
⦁ make sure you check before hand which grants and schemes are available in your local area as you could save a lot of money. In some cases, your solar panels will need to be installed by a specifically registered, certified company in order to receive the grant. As a result, you need to know this first, before you begin shopping around.

For professional advice or to inquire about your own solar panel installation, get in touch with the experts today, here at the Eco Renewables Group.