Can solar panels be installed on terraced houses?

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Can solar panels be installed on terraced houses?

Can solar panels be installed on terraced houses?

Here at the Eco Renewables Group, we are solar power experts. We work across the region, from Blackpool to Liverpool, and Penrith to Manchester, to deliver high quality solar power solutions to homeowners. As you can see, environmentally friendly energy solutions for households are our passion, with a central focus on solar power. As a result, one of the questions that we are often asked is, can solar panels be installed on terraced houses?

Solar Panel installation and terraced houses

Terraced houses are an incredibly common housing type across the UK, thanks to our Victorian ancestors. But, as the solar power revolution grows, more and more terraced home owners are opting to install solar power systems in their homes. In fact, terraced houses are quickly becoming one of the most popular property types for solar panel installation, nationwide. So, the simple answer to the question, is yes! But what are the considerations?

Roof space

Terraced houses typically have less roof space than a semi-detached or detached property, especially when the space is also occupied with a chimney. This means that some of the larger solar power systems, with an output above 5kw, simply wont fit in the space. However, in a terraced home it is likely that you will using less power than a larger home, so a smaller solar power system should still meet all your power needs.


On terraced houses, because of the limited space, the solar panels will need to be installed either on the front or the back of the property. One thing you should consider when making this decision is not the aesthetics, but the side of the roof that will get the most sun. This will be the most practical option to choose, and will make sure you get the optimum power output from your solar panels.

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