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What is a solar panel inverter?

The solar panel inverter is essentially the heart of any solar panel system. The inverter is responsible for taking the energy produced by the solar panels, and converting this to electricity that can be used by your home and the national grid. The energy produced by roof solar panels is direct current, and this has to be converted to grid accepting alternating current. There are different sizes and types of inverter that suit different solar panel systems. These include:

Solar PV Systems

Here at ERG we are Preston’s solar panel experts, and we work across the country to provide affordable and effective solar panel systems. Every solar panel system consists of different components. The panels themselves are incredibly important, but they would be useless without the connected inverter.

A solar panel system is the term used to describe all of the components that work together to provide solar power to your home. The components include: the solar panels, the inverter and the battery.

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