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Welcome to Eco Renewables Group Ltd, where we shed light on the wonders of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology and its seamless integration into your home. Solar PV systems harness the power of sunlight to generate electricity, offering a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution for households. But what exactly is solar PV? In simple terms, it’s a technology that converts sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic panels, typically mounted on the roof of a property.

Solar PV For the Home

For domestic properties, solar PV works by capturing sunlight through solar panels, which are made up of numerous photovoltaic cells.

These cells contain semiconductors that absorb photons from sunlight, generating an electric current through the photovoltaic effect.

This direct current (DC) is then converted into alternating current (AC) by an inverter, making it compatible with your home’s electrical system. Any excess electricity generated can be exported to the grid, providing a potential source of income through schemes like the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).

Speaking of the Smart Export Guarantee, it’s a government scheme that replaced the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) in 2019. Under the SEG, homeowners with solar PV systems can receive payments for the excess electricity they export to the grid. This incentivizes the adoption of renewable energy technologies while ensuring fair compensation for households contributing to the energy transition.

When it comes to installation, we pride ourselves on making the process hassle-free.

Our experienced in-house trained installers ensure a seamless installation, typically completing the job in just one day. Moreover, we offer a low deposit of only £100, with no further payment required until the installation is completed.

As MCS accredited and a member of the Home Insulation & Energy Systems (HIES) warranty scheme, you can trust in the quality and reliability of our services.

Since our establishment in 2016, we’ve been committed to providing high-quality equipment at the best prices, ensuring that your investment in solar energy pays off for years to come. Choose us for your solar PV needs and embark on the journey towards a brighter, greener future for your home.

Examples Of Our Work

What is a solar panel inverter?

The solar panel inverter is essentially the heart of any solar panel system. The inverter is responsible for taking the energy produced by the solar panels, and converting this to electricity that can be used by your home and the national grid. The energy produced by roof solar panels is direct current, and this has to be converted to grid accepting alternating current. There are different sizes and types of inverter that suit different solar panel systems. These include:

Stand Alone Inverter

This is used in an isolated system where feeding electricity to the mains is not required. Instead the electricity produced will be used by the system, and will also usually charge an AC battery for use when sunlight is not available.

Grid-Tie Inverters

These are connected to the grid, so that you can automatically send excess electricity back to the grid for an export rate.

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