Storing solar electricity

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Storing solar electricity

Storing solar electricity

A storage system, that can store the solar power generated over the course of a day, is often including as part of a solar power system. But how effective is this system at storing solar electricity? And why would the electricity need to be stored? Well, here at the Eco Renewables Group, we work across the region, from Manchester to Lancaster, to provide professional solar power solutions. Solar power storage is just one of these eco-friendly solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to storing solar electricity.

What are the benefits of storing solar electricity?

There are a range of advantages for storing solar electricity, although these mainly depend on the size of the solar power system you have installed. The advantages include:

⦁ being able to use the generated electricity in the evening, after you have been at work all day. For some people, solar power doesn’t seem worth it as they are never at home during the day, to use the electricity as it is being produced. However, with solar power storage, the panels will produce electricity all day, and this will be stored for you to use at night.

⦁ during bad weather, or even just cloudy weather, your electricity use can be supported by the power your solar power has already generated and stored. This means during rain, snow and even at night, you can still be using eco-friendly electricity.

What size system do I need for storing solar electricity?

Storing solar power is only useful in medium to large solar power systems. This means those that are 4kW or more. This is because the smaller systems will not generate enough additional electricity to be worthwhile storing. So, as a result, a solar power battery would not be worth it financially or practically.

For more information or for professional advice get in touch with the experts today here at the ECO Renewables Group.