Solar PV and terraced houses

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Solar PV and terraced houses

Solar PV and terraced houses

As Preston’s leading provider of solar PV systems we often receive inquiries about solar PV and terraced houses. We can assure you that many terraced home owners across the North West region, from Lancaster to Manchester, are turning to solar panels to generate clean electricity for their home. But are terraced homes really suitable? Well, here at the Eco Renewables Group we have produced this guide to Solar PV and terraced houses.

The benefits of solar PV

Installing solar power systems, from the solar panels on the roof, to the inverter and battery storage inside, is a great idea. The benefits include:

⦁ being able to generate truly clean and renewable electricity from a source that will never run out
⦁ paying less for electricity from the electricity provider which can lead to large annual savings
⦁ being paid a small amount for each unit of electricity you produce
⦁ the possibility of selling excess electricity back to the national grid

Solar PV and terraced houses

Terraced houses can be perfect for solar panels. In fact, terraced homes are now starting to become one of the most common types of properties for solar panel installation in the UK.

However, the roof space on terraced homes is limited, which means that the solar PV panels can only be installed on the front or the rear of the property.

This does limit the effectiveness of the solar panels, but if your roof is in a good direction, with a good pitch, it is still more than worthwhile.

If you think your terraced roof might be too small to benefit from solar panels, it is always possible to team up with your neighbours. This means that each roof can make use of a total block of 6 PV panels installed across the total roof space.

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