Solar battery storage systems

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Solar battery storage systems

Solar battery storage systems

Here at the Eco Renewables Group, we are solar power experts. From Penrith to Manchester, we supply and install solar power solutions to a range of homes and buildings. This includes solar battery storage options. But why would you need a battery to store your solar power? And why would this be beneficial? Well, this is our guide to solar battery storage systems.

What are solar battery storage systems?

Solar battery storage systems allow you to store the power that has been generated by the solar panels, so that you can use it at a different time. This means that you dont waste any of the electricity you produce when you are out at work during the day. Instead, the power will be stored, for you to use once you return. This can increase the amount of solar energy that you are using.

The weather

Being away from your home all day is not the only reason why you would need to consider battery storage. The weather can also negatively impact the amount of electricity your solar panels can generate. Whether it’s snow, cloud or just dark, the weather can prevent your solar panels from generating electricity. In this case, you would have to use electricity from the national grid, to power your home. However, if you installed a solar battery storage system, you could use solar electricity you had generated at another time.

Save money

A solar battery storage system can help you save up to a further 35% on your energy bills. This is because you will need to use a lot less from your energy supplier, cutting your monthly costs.

Retrofit installation

If you already have solar panels, retrofitting a solar battery is a fairly straightforward job. So you don’t need to fork out for a whole new system
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