Here at ERG, we are Preston’s leading solar panel experts. We install high quality solar panels and solar power products, using the highest quality items from comapnies we trust, to make sure you can get the most from your solar panel installation. But why is solar panel installation so popular? And how will you benefit?

Save money

Well first of all, solar power can help you save money. Because you can use the energy produced by your solar panels, you can reduce the amount of electricity you need to pay for. As a result, most standard family homes, fitted with a 4kW system can save up to 50% a year on bills. This amount may well rise in the coming years, as experts are predicting a 50% price hike in energy costs by 2019!

Make money

If saving money on bills is not enough of an advantage, how about making money? With the Government’s Feed-in Tariff you can make money in two different ways.

Firstly, the Government will pay you for the energy you produce. Even if you use that energy to power your own home. Currently, the rate is 4.07 pence per kWh. This means that your average 4kw system on a standard family home will lead to a payment of up to £300!

Secondly, you can automatically sell back the energy you dont use, straight to the national grid. This is called the export tariff. The current rate for exporting energy back to the national grid is 5.07 pence per kWh, and this means that on average you could ear around £60 a year from energy you dont use.

Guaranteed payment

The best thing about the Government’s Feed-in Tariff is that it is guaranteed at the same rate for 20 years, and the payments are tax free. This means that over the 20 years, an average household could earn around £8000 from a combination of saving money on the energy bills, and the Feed-in Tariff and export tariff. As a result, you can stand to make a healthy profit on the initial costs.

However, the rates that the Government are paying out are decreasing year on year. This is because more and more people are taking advantage of solar panels and the Feed-in Tariff. Consequently, to get the most out of your solar panels, now is the time to install.

For more information or advice regarding your solar panels, solar power systems or installtion, get in touch with the experts today here at ERG.