Solar power is a fantastic option for reducing your energy bills and your carbon footprint. In fact, many new builds are now being built with solar panel systems fitted as standard. This is because solar energy is 100% renewable and is not a drain on our natural resources. But even so, you want your solar panels to be performing at the highest level. Here at the Eco Renewables Group, we are solar panel experts. This is our guide to the external factors that can influence solar panel performance.

Dust, dirt and debris

Dust, dirt and debris can influence the performance of your solar panels. A layer of dirt can block out the sunlight, and prevent your solar panels from absorbing as much light as they usually do. This means you may notice a decline in your solar panels performance or output.

Although frequent rainfall will clear off your solar panels regularly, over time more and more dirt accumulates. This means that a bi-annual cleaning of the solar panels will be necessary to keep them performing in top form.


Along a similar principle, shade can block out the sunlight. This means that instead of having access to the full amount of the suns rays, the solar panels have less solar light to work with. With less solar light available, your solar panels will reduce in performance.

Your roof

Factors regarding your roof itself can also influence the performance of your solar panels. While a south facing roof with a pitch of 35 degrees will be the highest performing, roofs with different characteristics may not perform as well. This means that when your solar panels are first installed, the company needs to be honest with you about the performance you can expect.

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