Optimise your solar PV system with SolarEdge. INCREASE SYSTEM YIELD BY UP TO 25%

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SolarEdge is an intelligent and innovative solar inverter solution that can help you make more money, produce more electricity, and improve the safety of your solar PV System. Essentially, it is a solar power management system, and this revolutionary technology has a range of advantages.

Make more money

SolarEdge is the perfect way to get more out of your solar power system. And this includes making more money.

In all solar PV systems, the panel performance is individual to each panel. By installing the SolarEdge, and power optimisers to the back of each panel, each panel will be optimised to  produce it’s maximum power output. This can combat a range of common issues that regularly cause loss of power throughout solar PV systems, including: soiling from algea, leaves, shading, snow, bird droppings and manufacturing tolerance.

In addition, solar panels can lose an increasing amount of energy as they age, which is only natural. However, in your traditional inverter setup, the panel that is the weakest, also limits the performance of the rest of the panels. This can result in big losses of efficiency, that aren’t always necessary. With the SolarEdge, only the affected panel will suffer losses, instead of the system as a whole.

With each panel producing the maximum energy, you will be generating more electricity and making more money. This leads to a quicker return on investment, and big electricity savings. In fact, with SolarEdge’s HD Wave inverter, you can achieve a record 99% efficiency!


Consumption monitoring

Using cloud based storage, the Solar Edge monitoring platform allows you to monitor your homes electricity consumption, as well as the PV production. All you need to do to access this is to connect a Solar Edge Modbus meter, as all of our inverters are fitted with this technology.

This kind of consumption monitoring can help you be more energy conscious, and allows you to adapt your consumption in line with the production. As a result, you can make further reductions to your energy bills.

Keep and Eye

Keep an eye on things

Typically, your solar PV system just gets on with it’s own job, and the first time you’ll realize there is a problem, is when your productivity decreases and your bills begin to rise again. However, with the SolarEdge, we can allow you to monitor the performance of each panel in your system. In fact, you can receive updates, anywhere, anytime, on your iPhone or android device, by simply using our app. You can get automatic alerts when there is a problem with system production.



In addition, while your typical solar PV system is generally safe and no risk to people, it is constantly storing high risk DC voltage. But with SolarEdge, whenever the AC power is off, the DC cables are designed to de-energise. This can help protect installers, maintenance personnel, firefighters and property.

Longer Warranties_Icon_0


If you choose SolarEdge, you can choose a warranty to match the duration of the FiT scheme. In fact the warranties available will cover:

1) Power optimisers: 20-year warranty

2) Inverter: 12-year standard warranty, extendable to 20 years

3) Monitoring: free for system lifetime


When you choose SolarEdge, your system will be StorEdge-ready. This means that whenever you want to add a solar battery to your system, you can. Easily, quickly and with minimal costs, because your solar PV system is already prepared.

The SolarEdge StorEdge solution can help you to reduce your electricity bills and maximize  self-consumption by storing unused PV power in a battery for later use.  This means that in the evening, or at times when production is lower, you will still be able to use solar power you have generated. Compatible high power batteries from LG Chem can be added to the existing SolarEdge system.

To find out more about new installation, or to upgrade your existing system, get in touch today, with the experts here at the Eco Renewables Group.

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