Solar PV and terraced houses

solar install view from the roof

As Preston’s leading provider of solar PV systems we often receive inquiries about solar PV and terraced houses. We can assure you that many terraced home owners across the North West region, from Lancaster to Manchester, are turning to solar panels to generate clean electricity for their home. But are terraced homes really suitable? Well, […]

Advantages of Solar Panels

solar pv

Here at the Eco Renewables Group in Preston, we work across a variety of locations to install and maintain domestic and commercial solar panels. Solar panels are increasing in popularity, but what makes them so desirable? And what are the advantages of solar panels? 1. Reduces electricity bills Firstly, one of the biggest advantages for […]

How to make money with solar panels

solar pv

Here at ERG, we are Preston’s leading solar panel experts. We install high quality solar panels and solar power products, using the highest quality items from comapnies we trust, to make sure you can get the most from your solar panel installation. But why is solar panel installation so popular? And how will you benefit? […]